NP #52: The Innes Carr Episode; 25 years of ruthless sarcasm and Nosara insights

If you’re super sensitive, then maybe skip this episode of the podcast…. Very few people will ‘call it like they see it’ in Nosara and in this episode Innes Carr does exactly that and then some.

Innes is kind of famous around Nosara for his ruthless sarcasm which makes some howl with laughter and others quite angry. This episode features Innes tearing basically into everyone and some moments hilarity and/or horror (depending on your opinion) ensue. Nobody escapes Innes’ scrutiny.

If you make it through this longer episode you’re going to hear things you’ve never heard said out loud before in any kind of public forum around here. This is precisely why it was an honor to have Innes on the podcast.

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