NP #50: Jeanette Johnstone from Amor Animales de Nosara

Jeanette Johnstone loves animals and she’s dedicated her life to them. In fact, she’s literally moved around the world a time or 2 serving in multiple positions with various organizations. However, for some reasons she feels pulled to live in Nosara.

In this podcast, she shares her story, a bunch of Nosara information and lots of personal opinions. She explains her transition from her initial position in Nosara at Nosara Animal Care to a position in a different country then her return to Nosara and how at Amor Animales she is making a difference these days.

In her episode we discuss her personal story and journey to Nosara, we debate which animals she likes best and feels are most intelligent, I jokingly (and probably rudely) make a joke or 2 asking if different types of dogs taste the same based on her experience in different countries, we cover Amor’s goals and ambitions, Nosara likes and dislikes, her favorite restaurants plus more.

I want to thank my daughter Kaiya for editing this episode and Amor’s efforts to help the animals in our community.

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