Nosara Jiu Jitsu’s 2019 Graduation Ceremony With Special Guests Ryron Gracie & Fernando Moya Attending

Nosara Jiu Jitsu Coach Daniel Rodriguez is up to something special. Each week in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings a highly dedicated group of students consistently show up for training. Fortunately for all of them, special guest coaches consistently show up in Nosara to help even further.

For example, BJJ Legends Emily Kwok (3x World Champion) and Ryron Gracie (Just google him) have become Nosara staples Coach Daniel and his team get to learn from on a consistent basis.

This past Saturday the 2019 graduation ceremony for Nosara BJJ took place at the Gilded Iguana’s new athletic center. Ryron Gracie and Fernando Moya each attended and took part in the ceremony which made this day extra special for all of the students.

I hope you enjoy this quick video recap. Please make sure to give Coach Daniel a big ‘thanks’ for everything his efforts are leading to. HUGE thanks to Oscar and Ramon and the Gilded Iguana Athletic Center for hosting this event and Nosara Jiu Jitsu classes.

Here’s some pics of the attendees and enjoy the video.

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