A November morning at Playa Guiones; Small, clean surf and lots of smiles

  • A quick video of morning surf at Guiones in mid November plus people in the lineup
  • Why November is my favorite month
  • Nosara Music Festival is happening
  • Various pics and updates

This video is a quick glance into a mid November morning at Playa Guiones:

November is my favorite month because as the heavy rains fade away, the water clears up and the offshore winds start to kick in. Plus the trees are still green and the foliage is pretty amazing so we get to enjoy both seasons.

As you can see in the video above, the water is getting more clear and the winds are starting to turn offshore. We haven’t had epic surf just yet but we know it is on the way.

The crowds are on their way in too as of Thanksgiving… But it has been a pretty good month so far except for the dust.

Remember to get to the Nosara Music Festival this Friday! This is going to be a good one plus it is a community benefit show so please spread the word.

December 3rd 9:30am at Marlin Bill’s is the annual community meeting for the Nosara Security Association. Please attend if you’re in town because this is an election year. I’m resigning as president and am nominating Mariju Rovira as my replacement. She is the best person for this job and I hope you will vote for her on December 3rd.

Lots of podcasts coming out soon and all kinds of good things going on. Be careful everyone if you’re traveling over the holidays and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the water. Here’s some various pictures from throughout this month:

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