NP #165: Cynthia Michaud & The James Initiative

Cynthia Michaud’s episode is heart wrenching, yet full of warmth, positivity, and hope through community events such as Tastes And Treasures Of Nosara, on February 25th.

In this episode, Cyn shares how The James Initiative is an transitioning a tragedy into massive amounts of ongoing positivity reaching deep into Esperanza, a small town on southern end of Nosara.

Unfortunately, 1/3rd of it’s residents live beneath the poverty line, and some residents are suffering from domestic violence, alcoholism, incest, teenage pregnancy, mental needs, etc. and they need help.

Dr. Alejandro communicated with Cynthia about the situation and now we are fortunate to have
The James Initiative focusing on the situation.

Get your tickets &/or participate in the online auction & have some fun! Here is a link to the online auction:

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