NP #78: Robert ‘Yogadude’ Busch in 21 minutes; This punk rock musician and author is not your normal yoga instructor. He talks about eating meat, getting angry while surfing, and much more in this episode.

This episode with Robert Busch is a fun interview and I enjoyed getting to know him further. To many, he is known as Yogadude, the author of The Dude Experience, to others he is a punk rock musician, to me he is someone I surfed with a bunch over the years and I didn’t know anything too much about him until our first podcast recording. It turns out he has a great deal to say and is a very interesting person.

The first thing I learned is he seems not to be a typical yoga instructor. He’s very blunt about his behavior now and in the past. He admits to eating meat (but now is changing over towards vegetarian), getting angry in the water when he misses waves, messing up a Beach Dog Cafe open mic night playing punk music, his past with conspiracy theories and all kinds of other things a typical yoga instructor might not do.

For me it was refreshing to hear his honesty, enthusiasm, and authenticity. I hope you enjoy getting to know Robert/Yogadude in this episode and look forward to having back on the Nosara Podcast in the future.

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