This Week In Nosara #13: Super fun surf, cows, people flying things, ASADA reminder, Main Street activity, Ostional trip & view, just a

What a week

  • What a week intro scene with Dutch Ryan & Irish Robbie
  • Fast wave on Marlin Rich
  • Cows
  • Flying things…
  • Organic market
  • Kurzbard’s Nosara bowl videos
  • Thierry’s nicer than many think
  • ASADA #’s say we’re using too much water and many are way overboard
  • EQ Surf video night
  • Beach clean up
  • Mariju Lane in Pelada
  • Ostional trip & view of surf
  • New night club with pizza?
  • New water photographer Mauro is here
  • Prove Nothing Zacc’s Surfers in Soace Series
  • Chico Surf & Matteo waiting on the tide
  • Kids ripping… Nadav gets best turns of the day
  • All kinds of waves, flyaways, wipeouts, surfboards, Rich bad air attempt into wind, beautiful people on beach, dogs, lifeguards, etc.
  • Soundtrack is Rich playing old nylon guitar
  • Shout out to Chico for photos on best day of week!

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