NP #164: Emmanuel Gutierrez covers Nosara Crece, Vive el Sueno, Santa Marta ASADA, Nosara – Nicoya Relation, and much more Nosara Challenges and Opportunities

Big thanks to Michael Strasmich for connecting us with Emmanual Gutierrez who recently recorded with us. Emmanual is highly involved in multiple community initiatives such as Nosara Crece and Vive el Sueno, and also serves on the board of the Santa Marta ASADA. He has a high level education, is originally from San Jose, but came to Nosara and is dedicating his life to the people.

In his podcast we cover a lot of ground from explaining the ideas and programs behind Nosara Crece and Vive el Sueno to covering a multitude of community issues, concerns and opportunities.

  • Introduction to Emmanual Gutierrez;
  • Nosara Crece (low interest loan program for local entrepreneurs, with extremely high success rate);
  • Vive el Sueno (business training for local entrepreneurs);
  • ASADA Santa Marta;
  • Intristic motivation to dedicate life to people of Nosara;
  • Difficulties in finding human resources and connection between quick development in Nosara from agricultural to tourism to high end tourism;
  • Opportunities in Nosara to be a model community for other places in Costa Rica and the world;
  • Challenges of inflated pricing in the region;
  • Competing community organizations and how are they able to survive;
  • Strategic ideas to inform and approach community and seek mutual solutions vs. online bitching and moaning;
  • Communication with Nicoya and Nosara solutions coming from governmental levels or community extractions?;
  • Nosara entrepreneur examples;
  • Emmanuals three favorite Nosara restaurants;
  • Emmanuals biggest Nosara dislikes

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