CoLearn Nosara students present their ‘Plastic in the Ocean’ research

Back in January/February we were invited to work together with CoLearn students to support them with a new project they started working on. Over the course of a couple of weeks they gathered information about ‘Plastic in the Ocean’.

The students wrote the following description of their project: Fifteen youths, between the ages of 10 and 14, wanted to bring awareness to their community about the increase of plastic in the ocean.  They interviewed local experts, explored the beaches for plastic trash, visited local businesses that are reducing plastic in the environment, and researched to gather more information on the topic.

Teacher (or actually Project-Based learning facilitator) Karen Krieger: ‘It was quite the adventure and they learned a lot about the process, troubleshooting, and effectiveness.  There were two different groups so there is a little overlap in information and different editing styles and formats.’

Listen to these motivated voices and reduce plastic in the ocean. 

Group 1 – CoLearn Presents an Ocean Odyssey:  Plastic in the Ocean

  • unfortunately, the introduction and conclusion were done without microphones and the sound quality is not good.  We ran out of time to redo those sections.

Group 2 – A Kids’ View of Plastic in the World

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