NP #54: Santiago from Olo Alaia tells his story

I’m pretty excited about this episode. Reason being, Santiago Milè stopped by the studio to share his personal story and journey to Nosara. If you don’t already know him, Santiago works at Olo Alaia and is greatly respected as a barista and an artist… But like many artists, he is seldom understood. Santiago seems like a very serious guy, and he has a very good reason: Santiago is focused on his craft and creating a unique, quality experience for every guest he serves. He’s dedicating his life to this and feels providing a quality experience for every guest is far more important than idle chit chat.

In one this one hour episode Santiago shares how his life started around coffee and how he developed his skill set, how he has been visiting Nosara since childhood, his thoughts about Nosara’s growth pattern, his likes and dislikes of our community, being an artist and barista, and much more.

We hope you enjoy this episode and getting to know Santiago!

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