A different perspective on Nosara’s zoning proposals; A talk with Jeff Grosshandler

The one thing I can say about Jeff Grosshandler is he will tell you how he feels. He and I disagree about many things, but I certainly respect his willingness to speak up. He is one of the rare individuals willing to go ‘toe to toe’ with anyone, anytime, no matter whether his views are considered popular or not. He likes details and wants to clearly understand where people are getting their evidence from.

Ever since the initial temporary zoning proposal came forth from the Nosara Civic Association, Grosshandler has adamantly objected to it’s contents in private and public discussions, email threads, and even during town meetings.

In this podcast episode Jeff is willing to go on record with some of his thoughts pertaining to Nosara’s temporary zoning plan and offer suggestions as to what he feels is reasonable.

Not everyone is going to like or agree with Jeff’s suggestions… To his credit, he admits he doesn’t have all of the answers and consistently maintains throughout this episode there should be more time allowed and effort put forth prior to enacting new restrictions.

We hope you benefit from and appreciate hearing a different perspective about this extremely important piece of legislation pertaining to Nosara’s future.

2 Replies to “A different perspective on Nosara’s zoning proposals; A talk with Jeff Grosshandler”

  1. Us Ticos,really don’t care what wealthy people can or can’t buy.


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