NP #138: Ivana Bajic and team explain the ‘Nature of Surf Woman’ project and why you should have one of their Coffee Table Books

When we had our first conversation with producer and writer Ivana Bajic, there was no question: She is fired up and has a big passion for the ‘Nature of Surf Woman’ project. We had to make sure she still left some energy for the actual recording, which turned out was no problem at all!

She and the team behind Nature of Surf Woman have been putting in their passion and diligence working towards a coffee table book and fine arts photography prints. They describe it themselves as follows: Nature of Surf women challenges the mainstream representation of female surfers by centering, rather than hiding, life’s imprints on the body. It brings a rare and powerful focus to the ways in which all female bodies exist in continual symbiosis with nature. And above all, it reveals the Nature of Surf Women: Athleticism, courage, camaraderie, and the peace and freedom of riding the waves.

For an impression of their work, please check out their website: and we invite you to consider supporting them further and ordering via their recently launched kickstarter:

Hear and learn more from Ivana and the team:

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