NP #51: Nosara Recicla’s new project ‘Metamorphosis‘ is almost ready to launch

Nosara Recicla is up to great things and the newest project is called ‘Metamorphosis.’ In this episode of the Nosara Podcast Angie from Manta Raya, Daniel from Harmony Projects, and our friend Cristian from Nosara Recicla come in to explain what they are up to and why they are asking for our support.

The main goal is to take recycled materials and build facilities everyone from tourists to locals can enjoy which bring beauty and awareness while improving our community. A well known designer agreed to design the facilities and Nosara Recicla is ready to spring into action and bring this project to life.

As you will hear in this episode Angie, Daniel, and Cristian are passionate about the project and are hoping you will support them. Their financial needs are extremely low compared to most projects but volunteers are a high priority.

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