Jessie Carnes: From Jacksonville to Nosara and becoming Surf Simply’s Head Surf Coach

I forgot how much I like Jessie. When she first moved to Nosara we were neighbors… But after she moved away we kind of drifted apart so having her in studio to hear all the awesome updates in her life was great fun. Her story is awesome and this was certainly one of the more fun podcasts to date. The short version is above and the full version is below.

Jessie is someone who truly has transformed her dreams into reality. She’s got a bunch going on and I can’t think of a nicer person with more contagious, positive energy. After all, she lives in Nosara, has her dream job, gets to ride her horse regularly, has a new house and just got married…

In this episode we cover her bio, surf crowds in Guiones, why people should not hate Surf Simply, Nosara’s growth and lots about short boards vs. longboards, living in Nosara and getting married and what’s next for Jessie. We hope you enjoy getting to know her!

Check out Surf Simply’s podcast by clicking here

Full version:

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