Have questions about the new zoning plan for Nosara? Come to the Kitson Library today to learn more

Today (Thursday, May 23rd) at 10am and 1pm Nosara residents have the opportunity to learn more about the controversial proposed temporary zoning plan for the Nosara area.

While most everyone agrees a plan is needed, many disagree with the current version and have many questions pertaining to the details. As a result, the municipality of Nicoya is sending representatives to explain the plan at 2 different times:

10am in Spanish and 1pm in English

The plan is off to a bit of a rocky start and certainly generating a wide range of emotions amongst the many demographics within Nosara. Some people are furious with the proposal and the manner it was initially passed. There are some others are ecstatic about the current version and the efforts towards protecting Nosara. It seems the majority of people remain somewhere in the middle; Wanting a plan enacted, but not necessarily this version.

*We will soon have video footage of both meetings available for those who can’t attend.

Stay tuned to http://www.richburnam.com and or my YouTube page: HERE

We will be bringing a great deal more information to you about this evolving, controversial subject.

2pm update: Both meetings heavily attended and standing room only for both. Loads of info coming soon on this initiative.

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