Bloopers from Michael Streda Interview; Our first ‘on location’ interview attempt at Beach Dog Cafe announcing lower prices

This video is the bloopers reel from my most recent conversation with Michael Streda, the owner of Beach Dog Cafe.

On this particular day Michael Streda had taken some punches… He received notice of a $30,000 (or more) mistake he might be paying for, his schedule of delivery trucks constantly interrupted his pre-scheduled interview at inopportune times, his restaurant was busy unexpectedly and he had been trying for weeks to get me to sit down and talk with him.

My schedule is incredibly busy and this pretty much was the one opportunity he had for me to help him announce lower prices across the board for everyone, in addition to even further discounts for Costa Rican’s and full time residents. Pretty good stuff, right?

So he was trying to do something really good… But pretty much everything was going wrong on this day for him.

I hope you enjoy this short blooper reel of me basically laughing at everything going wrong for my friend on this particular morning.

For anyone unaware: Running a business in Nosara is extremely different from a vacation in Nosara. The people who are successful with their businesses have thick skin and can take a punch due to the innumerable circumstances which constantly surface.

Mike is the epitome of perseverance and I will forever respect him for this… But this footage is just too funny not to air.

The actual interview will be airing next week.

Thanks Michael Streda for what you’re doing and for letting everyone see inside a couple moments of hilarity!

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