NP #47: The Darin McBratney Episode

There is a solid chance Darin will be a repeat guest on the Nosara Podcast. He’s filled with almost 3 decades of Nosara stories and adventures to share and we simply couldn’t fit everything into one conversation.

In this episode we learn Darin’s extremely active early years (you’ll see what I mean in the first 2 minutes) and journey to Nosara, what life was like in Nosara in late 80’s and 90’s, how a near-fatal illness initiated a transition into healing and wellness, his opinions about many of Nosara’s issues ranging from the road, his disdain for the dike project, to his favorite 3 restaurants and Nosara likes and dislikes, Nosara’s first surfer, and great deal more.

Thanks for checking Darin’s episode out and sharing with your friends. I hope you enjoy this one! Let me know what we can do to improve these episodes and to learn more about Costa Rica Yoga Spa visit:

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