NP #41: A wide ranging conversation with Andres Gonzalez; A local attorney deeply committed to Nosara

Andres Gonzalez has deep roots in Nosara. His family arrived here in the 80’s and Nosara made such an impression on he him he chose to start and raise his family here while building his legal practice. Currently he owns and operates IBL Consultores and the Nosara Beach Hostel. However, his focus remains on being a good husband and father to his 2 kids while helping shape Nosara into the place he feels it should be.

Although he is on a temporary hiatus from the many committees he normally is serving on… He still remains involved in community activities and is a vocal proponent on many of Nosara’s pressing issues.

In this episode of the Nosara Podcast he discusses with Rich a plethora of community issues including Nosara in the ‘old days,’ the difference between Nosara buyers 10 years ago to today, the current building regulations debate and the zoning plan time frame, the recently closed beach pathways, what anyone buying real estate in Nosara should be aware of, Andres cracks some jokes at Rich’s expense, he shares his opinion of the 3 types of people in Nosara today are, his Nosara dislikes, his favorite restaurants plus a great deal more.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

2 Replies to “NP #41: A wide ranging conversation with Andres Gonzalez; A local attorney deeply committed to Nosara”

  1. Nice interview, thanks to you both. It is disturbing for me to hear support for accepting some regulations that are extremely unpopular just because those rules are not being enforced. That can change. We need regulations that we can live with and accept, not regulations that we hide from and hope those in power continue to ignore. Again thank you Rich and Andres.

    1. Of course my comments are referring regs concerning beach access and animals in the refuge. There could be regulations designed to limit the impact of horses and dogs on the beach ( for example limiting the number of horses, limiting horses to trails above high tide limit, using leashes for dogs, and collection and removal of animal feces). Thanks again, the podcasts are always informative, please keep it up!

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