NP #40: Recent Del Mar Academy graduate Alanis shares her experience as a Scholarship recipient; Founder Haley Macmillan Ord and Scholarship Committee President Jane Marchant share important updates plus more

This episode details how Del Mar Academy is involving local Costa Rican children in the school and taking great strides to continue this pattern. Many changes have been made to DMA’s Scholarship Committee and the number of scholarship student recipients has more than doubled in recent years and this hopefully is just the beginning as you will hear in this episode.

This episode begins with a recent Del Mar Academy graduate and Scholarship recipient, Alanis, sharing her experience and thoughts about being a high school graduate thanks to the DMA scholarship program.

It took a couple minutes for the conversation to get rolling but once it did I this young woman shared some heartwarming insights. Here is small a sample of her insights from our conversation in bold:

Why should people donate to Del Mar Academy?

“You are helping an entire family. Not just that student… I am teaching my parents what I am learning in some things.”

Why did you want to speak English?

“Because it is a great opportunity. I can get better jobs and and I can have improved relationships and make new friends.”

What is special about DMA?

“When I was at a public school they never taught us environmental values. This is something I can teach my family. For example, my family is recycling now. If I didn’t go to DMA this probably would not be happening.”

When I asked her what she wants to say to potential donors she states:

“Please donate to the scholarship program… It is very important to give kids from the local community an opportunity.”

The second part of the episode brings in DMA founder Haley Macmillan Ord and Scholarship Committee President Jane Marchant.

Hayley gives us a solid DMA overall update and Jane details the many updates to the Scholarship Committee.

Quick overview of the updates are the STEAM program and a matching funds feature, updates on the non profit benefits for donors and recent grants acquired, how donation money is utilized.

8 graduates:

5 Costa Rican, 2 of which are Scholarship program graduates

Jane updates us on her 3 year tenure leading the Scholarship Committee and the multiple ongoing efforts and adjustments to getting more local children into DMA.

Many adjustments have been made in recent years and Jane’s leadership is yielding significant results. For example, the implementation of partial scholarships are making a huge difference.

Last year alone there was a jump from 8 Costa Rican Scholarship students up to 16. Furthermore, there are requirements and follow systems in place to help ensure the child has a maximum chance of succeeding. Jane explains the students do have to put in best efforts in academics as well as behavior in addition to having a true local tie to the Nosara community.

We discuss the challenges of securing long term rentals for teachers and faculty and halfway jokingly ask for investors to build some affordable long term rentals.

There’s a ton more in this episode and I hope you enjoy it.

To learn more about Del Mar Academy visit their websites both for the school itself and the Scholarship Program:

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