NP #42: A conversation with Nicoya Municipality’s Josue Ruiz Guerrero; The man overseeing Nosara’s future

It would seem to me Josue Ruiz Guerrero would be more stressed out… But he’s not. He claims to sleep peacefully and says he is enjoying this learning process as Nosara is transitioning through a momentous time period.

It is very interesting for me to see how someone in his position can be so relaxed given the implications at hand. Overall, he exemplifies a level of ‘Pura Vida’ I am still working towards understanding.

In this conversation I ask Josue a great many questions in an attempt to gain clarity on the 2nd proposal of the temporary building regulations and the upcoming Plan Regulador. Josue is an ardent believer the Plan Regulador will be completed in 2 to 3 years. However, as you will hear in this podcast, I am extremely suspicious about this.

Regardless, Josue provides a massive amount of insight and everyone involved in Nosara should listen to his message.

Here is just a sample of my questions for Josue:

  • Why did the lot size adjust from 1000m2 to no minimum restriction?
  • Why is everything being pushed through so fast?
  • What is accurate timeframe of a true Plan Regulador?
  • Is there outside interests funding this process or applying pressure?
  • Is there enough information to implement the temporary plan?
  • How long until these new regulations are published in the national paper and enacted?
  • What can the general public do to help facilitate any part of this?

Plus a great deal more…

Please remember your opinion still matters and Josue is listening to all feedback. All details for contact, including phone numbers, are included in this episode.

I hope you enjoy this episode and take action accordingly. This is something which needs attention now, not later.

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