NP #37: Take 2; Nosara Civic Association President Ethel ‘Kuki’ Araya and Vice President Nice Alterman share the new Temporary Building Regulations being announced by Nicoya Municipality this week

What an adventure living in Nosara often proves to be… Ever since the proposed new building regulations were announced this past May my life has been a bit of a blur. However, a big step towards clarity seems to be happening this week. The updates to the new building regulations proposed by the Nicoya Municipality are formally being announced this week in Nosara.

Fortunately, Nosara Civic Association leaders Ethel ‘Kuki’ Araya and Nice Alterman stopped by my Nosara Podcast to announce the updates which are being announced Thursday and Friday at formal meetings hosted by Nicoya Municipality representatives.

To be clear: There is still time to voice concerns and this proposal is not formally enacted. However, many of the key points have been adjusted and the NCA leadership very much is of the opinion the vast majority of the Nosara populace is in support of the new proposal. They are asking everyone who supports the new regulations to email the Nicoya Municipality (email provided in the episode) to voice their support of the new regulations and to attend at least one of the formal meetings if they can.

No matter whether you agree or disagree, there is still time to be heard. Please give this episode a listen and carefully decide where you may stand on each key point. Height, light, percentage of use, and size restrictions plus more are all addressed in this conversation. I hope you will make your voice heard and take advantage of this opportunity!

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