This Week in Nosara #9: Big Surf + Many Nosara Area Events + Thumping wipeout section towards the end

This Week In Nosara #9 is filled with surfers on fantastic Guiones waves thanks to Ale at and a thumping wipeout section thanks to filmer Kaiya, mid length surfer Silvan (that’s him in cover photo) , and artist/bodyboarder/ Mael getting slammed at ‘Not so secret spot’ later joined by Jordy and his team looking for adventure. Loads of events from community to just for fun happening… Get involved & have some fun.

Music is me playing nylon guitar beginning with adjusted version of ‘Smokin’ from long time friend G Love (it’s one of my favorite guitar licks from him & I can’t do it justice… Is just fun to play any version), second part is a fast finger-rolling adventure not super clean but i kind of like it that way I am not trying to be professional on music or edit, 3rd is me messing what intended to play but no big deal. That’s what happens when you use what little spare time you have, to edit community & surf videos and play music yourself with old nylon string guitar into the computer microphone 🙂

Speaking of no spare time… Anyone interested in volunteering to help with Nosara Podcast or as a contributor for Nosara Times let me know.

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