NP #11: The Guardians of Nature: How Jessica Sheffield plans to change the world

Jessica Sheffield is on the short list as one of the ‘Saints of Nosara’ as I like to say. She is an extremely hard worker and dedicated to making the world a better place while leading by example. Jessica doesn’t tolerate laziness and encourages everyone to get involved with what matters most in their communities. There are countless projects she serves with such as President of Nosara Recicla for about a decade (she is currently the vice president), a founder of Del Mar Academy, and way too many more to mention.

Her newest project, The Guardians of Nature, is what she deems as her ‘passion project’ and her goals for it are highly aggressive. This time she is not just aiming only to help Nosara and the country of Costa Rica… She is trying to change the world. And it is working!

I hope you enjoy this discussion and choose to support Jessica’s vision in becoming a reality. One way of doing so is supporting the upcoming event for Guardians of Nature at Olo Alaia in January. Please come if you can… You won’t regret it.

Learn more at:

Or on Facebook: La Guardiana de la Naturaleza


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