Riding a bike from Alaska to Argentina?!?! Plantriotic Jackson and his dog pass through Nosara

One of my favorite things about living in Nosara is how many incredibly unique people there are to meet. Some live here full or part time, while others visit for a while on vacation…

But every now and then, a vegan riding his bike from Alaska to Argentina rolls through with his dog Maggie running beside him.

Yup. Alaska to Argentina, 100% on a bike.

My immediate thought was: ‘Why would anyone want to do this?’ So I pulled out the microphone and figured I’d ask him and share it with everyone.

Listen in and find out what Jackson is doing this for.

By the way, Maggie the dog is thrilled to be on the journey. Jackson rescued Maggie in Los Angeles from a shelter in Los Angeles and she’s been with him the entire time. She was obese and super aggressive back then but now is happy as can be and when not running alongside Jackson she wants to play fetch (as you will see in the video).

Follow Jackson at Plantriotic Jackson on Instagram, YouTube, and occasionally Facebook under the name Plantriotic Jackson.

Good luck on your journey Jackson and Maggie!!!

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