NP #36: Bobbi Johnson; Nosara’s Godmother (Part 1)

Bobbi Johnson is arguably the most well known Nosara expat of all time and she is the most requested guest for the Nosara Podcast. She’s lived in Nosara for 30+ years and pretty much dedicated her life to this place.

She is caring, controversial, blunt, sarcastic, and hilarious (once you get to know her a little bit). She’s not scared to take a stand and is comfortable adding to her already impressive list of enemies when it is for a greater good. Yet at the same time, Bobbi is quick to grab a beer and crack jokes and share stories on a regular basis with her plethora of friends who live in or visit Nosara regularly.

In this podcast episode I sit down with Bobbi to explore her Nosara adventure from 1989 up to today. As you will hear, she’s seen a ton of change over the years and been the driving force on a myriad of issues.

So it is no surprise we discuss all kinds of subjects… In fact, we covered so much ground in our discussion we are breaking this conversation up into separate episodes.

Some of the more interesting parts for me from Part 1 of the discussion are: Nosara’s early years, the 1994 zoning plan mishap, how NON family oriented Nosara used to be then transitioned into the family friendly atmosphere of today, weird animal stories, and shopping and transportation over the years. Her last statement as Part 1 ends gives me chills every time I hear it.

Bobbi is one of those people who is a force of nature unto herself and doesn’t ask for attention. She is a doer, and when most people are still contemplating getting involved she is already there with her hands dirty (as exemplified every Thursday morning at the recycling center).

I want to thank my daughter Kaiya for her hard work editing these episodes and my wife Aimee for allowing us to work far too much making them happen.

Many thanks to everyone who took photos over the years. Most all photos courtesy of Bobbi’s social media.

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