NP #33: Eric Kurzbard; Abstract art, Being bi-polar, Hawaii vs. Costa Rica, shortboards vs longboards, crowds, Nosara, Big Rich’s from Beach Dog, a poem about kooks, & Ice cream for dogs

Rich spraying Eric in the face

Eric and I are friends and we are complete opposites. I’m a workaholic family man who is probably a bit too serious… While Eric is carving an artist’s lifestyle, bouncing around the globe riding waves and selling abstract art to pay his bills with a long term goal of making it ‘big’ with his ice cream for dogs product named ‘ARF’ he feels dogs will call by name. Oh yeah, he plans to sell 20 paintings in one night for $250,000 each and relocate to Ostional.

*I’m rarely lost for words… But if you want to see Eric break me, then make it to 47:45.

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