NP #34: A Conversation With Alice Olson; A Legendary Nosara Figure

Have you ever heard the name Alice Olson? If you haven’t, then I recommend you taking a moment to find out why I’m making such a big deal about what she means to Nosara’s community.

There are few people, if any, who have done more to coordinate helping Nosara as a whole than Alice. She, along with her husband Mike, founded Friends of Nosara. FON opened up avenues for tax deductible contributions from US citizens in addition to coordinating Nosara’s community organizations, donors and volunteers in a manner which continues to this day.

In this podcast Alice shares her journey to Nosara, what living in Nosara 20+ years ago was like, how FON started and where it is at today, her opinions about many of our current issues including the highly controversial temporary zoning plan, why she left Guiones for Pelada, then why she left Pelada for a little known neighborhood behind Arenales and Nosara town which she and Mike live in to this day and why they are thrilled about it.

Also, if you see Alice out and about please take a moment to say ‘thanks’ to her and Mike for everything they’ve done to shape Nosara. Her influence on the town we enjoy now and the organizations which do so very much to help is strong and for this we should be grateful.

Click HERE to visit the FON website and check the organizations FON supports.

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