Dr. Edgeworth Goes OFF on Nosara’s homeowners using Airbnb data, Asks renters to leave 1 star ‘no flush’ reviews at homes & restaurants, Wants owners to either ‘F&$ing fix it or just sell and leave Nosara’

In this Nosara Podcast episode, Dr. Robert Edgeworth unloads towards Nosara’s homeowners, especially any and all rental homes and restaurants, to either update their septic treatment systems or ‘Sell your property and leave’ in addition to starting a campaign asking renters to leave ‘one star’ reviews for any house or restaurant asking for toilet paper not to be flushed. He goes through Airbnb’s analytics and cites his reasons for taking these stands. His opinion is anyone with a rental home of any size or magnitude is under an ethical obligation to adjust their septic systems or sell and vacate the community.

There’s a ton of info in this episode… Much of it which will not be received well by many.

What are your thoughts? Is Dr. Edgeworth taking this too far? Or is he doing the right thing?

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