NP #146: Rener & Ryron Gracie’s episode is up!

We’re excited to launch this one & hope you enjoy it… Rener & Ryron talk surfing in Nosara, growing up watching their father, grandfather, and uncles literally introduce a superior fighting style to the planet & prove it by creating the UFC and going on to dominate mixed martial arts (MMA), fighting grown adults themselves as teenagers then creating learning styles for kids, women, military & police forces, elderly, creating an online learning platform which ultimately became the premier online system, how the Gracie Breakdowns of UFC fights catapulted popularity, what UFC fights are like behind the scenes and in the crowds, what it is like to go anywhere anytime with complete confidence in personal safety, how surfing is a different & challenging opportunity compared to BJJ, Ryron’s mid life crisis and much, much more…

Show notes:

First 5 Nosara

5-10 family

10 – Online platform

11 women empowered, Gracie bulletproof, survival tactics, Gracie combative

12 watch mma or UFC you realize BJJ is now ‘the one you can’t live without’ or what if you don’t want to do cage fighting? What about kids, women, law enforcement, pricing empowerment…

13 at some point in life someone will confront you. BJJ is insurance, surfing analogy from Ryron & kids to elderly can benefit.

14 my kids watch YouTube then I get into it

15 family created mma and they watched it all happen, the YouTube time, and creating this platform too off with Gracie breakdowns,

15 Gracie breakdown GSP first one, fedor vs fabricio verdum 2nd..

16 Gracie’s are mma translators to average couch fan. They are most recognized from Gracie breakdowns even surfing in nosara

17/18 kids women and men should be trained differently. Assault, police, bullying all different

18 one bad class can stop everything

19 we had great teachers

20 BJJ is the martial art other martial artists retire into

21 Gracie brothers want to work together to prepare for possible outside threats… don’t fight under same roof. Enemy can’t be under same roof

22 don’t dominate your training partner that’s short term

23 team

24 rich asks why many trained fighters are so peaceful and less aggressive

25 dad never spanked he always said ‘champ’ and called them champions

26 let kids feel champs to 13 or so then lose a bit and by 18 take off 100% losing fear

27 physical attributes help qualify a man. Lose the need to show your tough ans life gets better.

Learn how to fight… So you don’t have to!

28 someone being disrespectful can be diffused with calm comfort

29 those most likely to puff up are the least trained people normally

30 almost all men do not know how to handle a headlock. Not us… Everyday man must be stressed. A human which can’t breathe.

31 doesn’t take long time to tread water and protect yourself with BJJ.

32 every class you wonder how you lived without knowing these easy techniques for personal safety?

33 COVID and telecommunications Gracie vs other online options. #1 to next number very important up to black belt. Losing brick and mortar adjusted online curriculum through the roof.

37 it took 10 years of work for GU. Never imagined pandemic would the world to them

38 other schools felt threatened; traditionalists said you can’t learn online.

39 now those people have online training.

40 why Nosara is big part of future. Tropical, surfing, fruits and food, people are relaxed, parking wherever, everything slower but works…

41 California so demanding and intense but Nosara can’t be replicated. Need a getaway for full release of fun and some on the side BJJ. Rener’s New Years resolution

42 Ryron’s plan, his first left & surfing stripe

43 Ryron’s drone video

Rickson, whole Gracie family

Ryron saved surfing for mid life crisis

44 Rener says BJJ predictable at highest level, surfing is a different opponent.

Renee’s surf wave go pro. Oppone

45 Nosara is Gracie University of surfing

46 restaurants. Rener’s favorite food ever

Il basílico and kids making their own pizzas.

47 kids & bugs; Rich explains people in area wondering about the martial arts guys and want to know about fighting

49 UFC events backstage & in crowd; difference between drunk fans and the coaches and fighters

50 Rener & Ryron even coach against each other in UFC but was smooth. Learn how to fight so you never have to…

51 once you meet black belts you will find they are chilled out normally. In BJJ can beat someone without inflicting bodily harm while calming them down.

52 we don’t fight because so good at de escalation. Subduing people without hurting them different than Krav Maga for example. A street fight isn’t a fight if you’re good at BJJ

54 definition of peace… Surfing in the morning

Thanks to Kaiya Burnam for editing, Etienne for production, Ale for surf video footage, and Gracie family for images and UFC, Joe Rogan, Brian Ortega, James Rees, plus everyone else we need to thank for helping make this episode a special one!

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