NP #147: Nosara’s Chefs, Episode 1: Henry from El Local

We at Nosara Podcast are thrilled to launch our new series, Nosara’s Chefs, about the chefs overseeing the restaurants in our area! The Nosara‘s Chefs, Episode 1 begins with Mr. Henry from El Local.

Here are some thoughts from Henry about his El Local adventure:

“To make El Local happen, I had to fight against my own fears, other people’s perception of me, and carve out a real man who doesn’t give a shit about people’s opinions are and to do EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO yet be successful… We make everything from scratch and put on our sign to create a special identity… There’s no secret EL LOCAL had a hard beginning… The 1st administration (before I arrived) left many money debts and my wife was pregnant. I was broke, then my best friend and I had a big falling out… The owner, George Brown, provided me the opportunity to manage EL LOCAL and he was explicit instructing me to ‘take care of this restaurant as it is yours.’ Furthermore, Spacialle not only offered to help but went to great lengths to help us become who we are. I have tremendous gratitude and appreciation to both her for countless items, and George for the opportunity… So essentially I had nothing and EVERYTHING at the same time… So this is how I took care of everything: Learning and improving my techniques, studying and making interesting and new recipes, teaching people the intricacies of service and kitchen operations, and more… When COVID came this provided the opportunity to make us stronger and more confident with our products… We’re proud of what El Local has become and I’m looking forward to the future.”

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