NP #142: Nosara Civic Association President Luis Pardo addresses all kinds of issues

Luis Pardo is a hardworking man trying to make a difference for Nosara’s future while serving as NCA President. Here’s some notes from this episode:

Luis states our guests are changing.

Ex: Late night party folks starting to show up. Hotel guests starting to ask ‘Where are the umbrellas on the beach?’ and things like this.

New investors are creating bigger consequences.

We all need to sacrifice… Not just others.

Nature has to deal with habitats being cut, bigger gardens, large buildouts using too much property, etc.

Since 2018 NCA pushing regulatory plan and helping.

We now have internet, trash pickup, etc… All those things are thanks to planning.

Is NCA the police? Do people understand the role in how NCA affects community?

NCA are planners. Goal is to plan ahead for what will happen in future. Ex: Trash

NCA are not the enforcers.

Temporary building regulations still being argued for.

People have been trying to steal land from NCA which takes time.

7302 is ongoing issue and over 40 land owners in Esperanza are in communication with NCA.

Dump update: officially closed and NCA has approved plans but needs funding to pay for new facility

Lack of funding biggest issue

Luis feels should be a walking community, not a driving one. References updated law requiring sidewalks need to be included

Rich says NCA needs people who disagree with them to still support and asks Luis how to address

Rich says some community organizations will not communicate

Should your dog have a leash?

How often do people actually communicate?

NCA is not trying to be a police force to stop development. Rich thinks people might not understand this.

Rich asks what is Luis’ message for the haters?

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