NP #141: Dream Catchers Foundation helps underprivileged local children have access to quality art and dance classes, learn how you can help them to reach more children.

In this episode founder Cintia González, and one of their volunteers in Nosara, Mariela Ortega, share about this wonderful project. They explain the origins of the Dream Catchers foundations and why they brought it to Nosara, the classes, events and work they are doing for the community, and the many ways you can help out (volunteering, donations, etc). Check the full episode and read further here below to also find the different ways you can support.

Dream Catchers Foundation is a non profit organization which goal it is to bring extracurricular classes like art, dance, capoeira, and more, to local children. These children, who attend local public schools and would normally not have access to these kind of classes, get the benefits of art in all its different forms. They are currently working in 3 different areas of Nosara: Santa Marta, Santa Teresita and Garza. But the goal is to reach all 10 schools in the area and benefit up to 2000 children. Dream Catchers has a staff of experienced volunteer teachers to bring quality art classes to the community. Like Mariela, who teaches art to children from 6-16 years old in Santa Marta, Santa Teresita and Garza, she brings quality art education to them with a focus on self expression and freedom. The project also focuses on regaining previously unused spaces and transform them into safe spaces for children to grow in community while doing art. In the process they also make improvements to the spaces, like the Santa Marta community hall (next to the soccer field), where they painted the whole room and had renowned costarican graffiti artists make wonderful murals on some of the walls. And they also brought a big water tank, that now supplies the water to this space.

One of the biggest challenges that the Dream Catchers Foundation faces is to keep the program going financially. For that reason they are receiving donations in many different forms: direct donations (to help with specific goals), sponsorship program (in which you can donate a monthly fee to sponsor a child), volunteer work (to teach, assist teachers, or help out in renewing spaces). You can also help out by donating materials, or things that might be needed (like the water tank in Santa Marta, which was donated).

Go to the following links and contacts to help out in any way you can, so that our local underprivileged youth can grow in a community full of art, self expression, freedom and awareness.


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+506 89765166   (Cintia)

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