NP #12: Jon Mangogna: Foundation Training, making it in Nosara as a personal trainer, surfboards and Nosara’s unique vibe

In this podcast you might notice why Jon Mangogna is quickly turning into one of the most well known personal trainers in Nosara. His unique, personalized style of training functions well whether you just want to improve your fitness levels or if you have a specific injury which you may need to rehabilitate from.

We talk a good bit about Nosara too and how Jon enjoys the ability to move freely amongst social circles and the various companies while being able to avoid the typical small town gossip scene. Along the way Jon and I each agree to each expand our horizons a bit with his being riding different surfboards and mine trying out his new health concoction he brought back from his last trip.

Hopefully you enjoy hearing about his journey to, and making a living in, Nosara along with his mental processes and his life right now.

PS – Check the end of the video podcast for Jon showing us ‘The Founder’ which is one of Foundation Training’s principal techniques.

Instagram: @vivaventure

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