NP #13: One street in Guiones stopped getting robbed… Here’s how they did it.


Nosara has a crime issue.

This is no surprise and is not anything new. In fact, pretty much all of Costa Rica, Latin America and most every tourist town in the world has some sort of crime problem. In the Nosara area our most alarming trend is the house break-ins. They seem to be increasing in frequency and it is downright impressive how the thieves are very seldom caught in the act.

But there is a solution.

Please check out this quick discussion I had with Andrew Saxton to hear for yourself what one street in Guiones did to take action and prevent robberies.

This is about 6 minutes and I’d appreciate if you share it with anyone who owns property in, lives in, or visits Nosara.

Most of our crime is preventable and it is time for the people of Nosara to cooperate and begin to implement these strategies. Please dial into the guidance of the Nosara Security Association and join in the upcoming webinars working to unite all of the areas for strategies like the one in this video. It works and it is time to take action.


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