This Week In Nosara #11: Clean surf & water, News & Events, Vibert dances then flies, Covid monkey?

This Week In Nosara gives a weekly sample of life on the beach plus news and events and just whatever is happening around Nosara. In this TWIN episode:

  • Empty wave in Guiones? It happens sometimes
  • Checho, Kyle and dancing Vibert about to fly
  • Covid monkey on the ground? Or just friendly & tired of construction
  • Gilded sponsoring surf contest
  • L section ditches don’t fall in
  • WCA critter camera and water test results
  • James Initiative event coming. Get tickets!!
  • Gnome surf athletes
  • Lots of beautiful weather and people heading to beach
  • Nice air, need to find his name
  • Solid frisbeen work
  • Pat the volunteer therapist
  • Mike
  • New longboarder & lady
  • Danny from Agua Tibia
  • Rolo
  • Tony
  • Alejandro
  • Nelson
  • Jimena
  • Maria Jose!
  • Enric from Photography Surf Report’s Wipeout Series 🙂
  • Eli fron Surfing Nosara photos then 2 from Gustavo
  • Ale from in front of the camera showing his style

Today’s music:
Artist: Grits
Song: Ooh Ah (My Life Be Like)

2nd song:
Artist: Rich (Me)
Song: D Ramble

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