This Week In Nosara #1: Daniel Brett’s Memorial, weather and waves for Thanksgiving 2022

This is what Playa Guiones looks like this week in Nosara. We don’t have strong offshore winds and high season type weather just yet… But it will be here soon. Biggest event of the week was the paddle out in honor of Daniel Brett. It was fantastic, and Nosara is going to miss him.

There’s waves, lots of people, the town is starting to wake up, and we’re looking forward to another high season once again. I am doing weekly recap videos and we hope next week has better waves if possible. There’s a couple in this video that we hope you enjoy it. Music is me playing guitar as a voice over (it’s not great but I wanted to do it this way).

The video content of memorial: Paul DaCosta did a nice synopsis video of it and we have a couple excerpts in this week’s review. Daniel will never be forgotten, he made his mark here.

My favorite surfing part is the intro barrel opportunity, Romeo’s wakata, Winslow getting flipped off his board, Eli’s funny dog, and of course all the beautiful people returning to the beach which brings us so much happiness.

I missed many names and I hope people can help me know who we missed.

  • Don’t know
  • Romeo
  • ?
  • Mario or Jairo?
  • Paul DaCosta’s video excerpts
  • Someone & Follow your dharma Rebeca
  • Spacialle Novak
  • Oscar & Catalina Castro
  • Marcelina & Jim Ewing
  • Marcos Fernandez
  • Etienne, Francisco
  • Troy Walker
  • Scott Stiffle
  • ?
  • Doyls
  • Mauricio (I call him Samara)
  • Wild Matteo
  • Thomas Wingrove
  • Tony?
  • Anna Sittko
  • T
  • Troy
  • ?
  • Alain’s son (super nice guy)
  • ?
  • ?
  • New photo people
  • ?
  • epic wipeout shot
  • Etienne
  • Chase Kosterlitz
  • Señor Alfredo Barquero
  • Elizabeth
  • Lady?
  • Sebas
  • Marco
  • Chase
  • ?
  • Paddle Aaron
  • Juan Manuel Montero Campos
  • New Tico instructor
  • Elisha
  • Marco
  • Checho
  • Sebas?
  • Troy Walker
  • Sorry lady about bad edit
  • ?
  • Awesome lady, need name
  • ?
  • ‘Don’t call me Sir’ Alain
  • Juan
  • Katherine Terrell
  • Troy
  • Gringo Rich B
  • Esteban Fernandez
  • ?

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