NP #161: Nitzan Solan is a chemical engineer determined to help Nosara’s wastewater situation

Nitzan Solan is a chemical engineer working in sustainability with a passion for Nosara and what it brings to her personal life. She has strong opinions about wastewater management & wants people to learn sustainable systems using wastewater not only to be better stewards for the environment, but to grown their own food & overall make differences. Her experience includes TED talks, being a medical cannabis specialist, and focusing on converting waste into energy.

Here’s the show notes:

From Israel, chemical engineer, works in sustainability

Dream is/was to surf every day

Nosara brought a balance never felt before. Organic community project in city


Waste management

Converting waste into energy is needed. Produce own fertilizer

30 second ad: Sustainable system 2 sq meters bio decomposition

Biogas, co2 100x more effective

Use waste to grow own food

Connect system to bio toilets

Below ground to trees, completely clean

Spoke with Nick & developers

Gray water diversion is 70% savings

Divert sewer water

She surfs in this water and truly cares

100k for 50 homes, full on automatic treatment center

TED talk, Living Box, growing your own food, enjoys helping people help themselves

International medical cannabis specialist

N likes early parts but dislikes the $ or factory parts of it all

Surfing ability and mental commitment

Surfing in the south, Guiones paddle out

40th birthday & feeling good

Relaxation & commitment

3 favorite restaurants

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