NP #116: Dr’s & Scientists from the Nosara Research Project are inviting ALL area residents to participate in a survey to prepare for July 29th round table event (8 minute short version)

In this Nosara Podcast, Dr. Alvaro Salas-Castro, Dr. Tina Nabatchi, & Dr. Christian Freitag invite ALL Nosara residents to participate in an important survey.

They explain there are 3 phases to this project. Phase 1 is now complete, Phase 2 is this survey (see below links to participate & instructions), and Phase 3 is the July 29th round table event, when all of Nosara’s collected information will be shared.

They are requesting as much participation as possible from all demographics and want people to know their opinions and concerns are included and important. Their goal is to share collective information in a manner promoting unification and dialogue thus providing an opportunity to progress.

Queremos participación con todos en la comunidad!!! Inglés o español todo bien.

This was carefully written understanding there are multiple steps and it might be confusing for some.

Its in English and/or Spanish.



What’s happening is truly unique and an opportunity for our community to unite for a greater cause no matter our background or financial status. Participation will make a difference.

*Two important tools to help fill out the survey* 😉

VIDEO TUTORIAL (Español y Ingles)

FAQ (Ingles)

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