NP #48: The Broc Glendinning Episode; Running the Nosara Spanish Institute, raising a family in Nosara, and going to the bank in Costa Rica

Broc Glendinning pretty much has life figured out, except for banking. He has a great family, he lives where he wants to, his job is exactly what he wants to be doing, plus he’s figured out an existence devoid of the major stresses so many of us who live in Nosara have to deal with. So I was excited to have him in and learn more about his story and his take on things.

The first part of the conversation starts with the Nosara Spanish Institute journey and today’s setup of the NSI. Then it transitions into personal thoughts and opinions with Nosara likes and dislikes and various opinions, stories and such. I hope you enjoy listening in as Broc and I share some laughs and Nosara barbs as the conversation progresses.

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