NP #49: Spacialle Novak’s full episode is up; This new Tica has plenty to say about Nosara

Full episode:

**Updated November 2nd

2 Minute preview:

Spacialle Novak is an extremely interesting Nosara figure in my opinion. So much so, we decided to do a special preview in advance of her full episode being released. She has much to say and she rarely holds back.

She might disagree with me… But my opinion is she is about as diverse as a human can be. With business she is very matter of fact, especially so with bureaucratic and tourism matters. However, she can go full ‘hippy mode’ in an instant. Most people need a moment for transitions between business type subject matters and galactic beings and past lives. Not Spacialle… She also speaks with a conviction very few people exemplify.

For example, in our conversation she covers the ups and downs of living and doing business in Costa Rica, some difficulties with many of the new Costa Rican laws, how challenging it is for a business to be profitable in Nosara despite public opinion, her problems with Nicoya’s attitude towards Nosara historically and today, having a Tico family and operating businesses with them, becoming a Costa Rican citizen, if aliens are real, life on Atlantis (yup), if astrology has a function, and I can’t even remember how much else… You will just have to listen for yourself once the full episode is out.

In the meantime, enjoy this short preview of the full episode coming soon.

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