NP #136: Miss Carrie explains Nosara Playhouse; Plus invites you the 2nd Annual Flower Power Spring Festival

Recently we connected with Miss Carrie (thanks to an introduction from Keri Dawn) to learn about the Nosara Playhouse school as well as their 2nd annual Flower Power Festival in Nosara this May 7th from 3-9PM.

Miss Carrie is filled with energy and producing something unique for children in Nosara. We hope you enjoy getting to know her, the Nosara Playhouse, and can make it to the Flower Power Festival.

Notes from the episode:

  • We begin with Miss Carrie describing ‘Fun Friday’s’ and how the students go on a magical mystery tour each Friday
  • Miss Carrie is a Montessori style teacher who owns Nosara Playhouse, a theater & art school
  • 3 hours academics in mornings, 3 hours theater, singing and dancing
  • School open now 2 years and growing quickly. Up to 43 students & growing organically
  • Miss Carrie loves mini pigs
  • Sold house in Colorado during COVID and came to live in a very basic house which renovated into school
  • Peter Pan was one of the first productions
  • Lots of new people coming into Nosara needing schools for their kids
  • Miss Margaret the pig is the the school principal
  • Kids will not learn until they feel safe
  • The Flower Power festival happens the 7th
  • Shout out to Keri Dawn for helping with this festival going to a new level
  • Tons of activities very family friendly at the 2nd festival
  • books tickets & to learn more
  • Many talented children will be performing and sharing their skills
  • A summer theater camp every summer is available to all students. July 11th is beginning this year and happens for 2 weeks
  • She gets along great with other schools
  • Theater is fantastic for kids with trauma, anxiety, etc
  • Playhouse is old fashioned word for theater

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