NP #95: Dr. Alejandro’s Nosara COVID update for end of September and early October 2020

In this 7 minute Nosara Podcast episode, Dr. Alejandro updates those of us in the Nosara area about the COVID situation as of late September and early October. Some main points in this conversation between Dr. Alejandro and Rich are:

The Ministy of Health & CAJA are overwhelmed.  There are more cases than the existing numbers. The amount of cases in Nosara are similar to Nicoya but the population density of Nosara is much smaller.

Be suspicious of everyone outside of your social bubble.

Paradise Medical is starting COVID testing at their office. It is safe to be tested there thanks to the protocol and the safety rating they have achieved.  

There is a possibility for mass testing in Nosara if donations arrive. This would be a private initiative which hasn’t been done elsewhere in Costa Rica. The goal is within 2 or 3 weeks to have it happening. Donations are welcome and needed, contact Dr. Alejandro if interested. 

In order to encourage people not to be scared, Dr. Alejandro and Rich each share their experiences of what it feels like to be tested for Coronavirus.

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