NP #144: Attorney Carlos Araya shares his Nosara opinions, insights and stories

Besides being an associate at Central Law, Carlos Araya is an active Nosara community member in many ways. Besides working on community initiatives like supporting the Bomberos and an initiative to start a chamber of commerce in Nosara, you might also know him from the social media forums where he shares his insightful knowledge and experience in Nosara in an interesting way…. (see here below for some examples.)

We hope you enjoy getting to know Mr. Carlos Araya a little better, we expect to have him back for further updates and discussions in the near future!

We cover a whole bunch of ground on various Nosara topics in this episode. Amongst them are a couple of the ones lined out, but there is much, much more! We hope you enjoy the full episode.

  • Studying in Nebraska and transition from ‘pre-dentistry’ mayor with terrible grades to ending up in Nosara
  • Personal Life as an attorney in Nosara
  • Family life in Nosara
  • Is there still a low-season in Nosara?
  • Nosara is expensive, even for people from the States
  • Nosara chamber of commerce initiative
  • Transitioning from Jaco to Nosara
  • How Jaco and Nosara are similar and different
  • The recent growth in Nosara
  • Small lot subdivisions happening in Nosara

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