NP #19: Andrew Saxton: Nosara Design and Build

Short version (12 minutes):

Full version (49 minutes):

In this podcast you can hear for yourself Andrew’s personal story, how he manages his business, and many of his likes and dislikes about our community.

Andrew Saxton is an interesting man. He does not suffer fools, and he really does not care if people like him or not. He says what he feels, and he is more than willing to back up his position in a healthy debate. His morals and his integrity mean more to him than any amount of money. He is quite disciplined in his personal life and extremely disciplined in his professional life.

I feel these traits are what make Andrew successful and why he is currently Nosara’s leading project manager.

Andrew’s clients satisfaction and proven results speak for themselves. His system is working well and his pipeline is almost always full. He is the first person to admit in a perfect world his job is unnecessary. However, the world is not perfect and people are often scared to build in a foreign country… This is one of the reasons Nosara Design and Build exists.

Hopefully you enjoy this episode and I appreciate you checking it out. If you have any questions about Andrew’s work feel free to check out his website:

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