Nosara Karate Academy at the 2019 National Karate Tournament; Video Highlights of Kaiya & Elisha

There is a pretty solid martial arts scene going on in Nosara. Our kids are fortunate to enjoy high quality instruction in Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate. There are regular classes available for visitors and residents alike. Sometimes seminars or even tournaments are available in our area and throughout the country.

This past weekend both Kaiya and Elisha had a great time representing Nosara Karate Academy at the 2019 Costa Rica National Karate Tournament in San Jose.

This scrappy little team from Guanacaste had successful showings to be proud of in both 2018 and 2019.

In karate tournaments there are two divisions: Kumite and Kata. Kumite is fighting based on a point system. A punch is 1 point and a head kick is 3 points. A Kata is series of fluid positions and exercises performed in a routine but with no combat. Both Elisha and Kaiya prefer Kumite but understand the discipline learned doing a Kata is important to advance belts and knowledge in the karate system.

The kids want to thank Sensei Isis, her father Sensei Hector, as well as Sensei Edgar from San Jose for training them for the past several years.

2018 National Tournament

9 competitors, 15 medals, 2 National Champions

  • Kaiya: 1st Kumite, 2nd Kata
  • Elisha: 1st Kumite, 2nd Kata
  • Helen: 2nd Kumite, 3rd Kata
  • Amira 1 medal
  • Nayra: 2 medals
  • Tiaja: 2nd Kata
  • Jameson: 3rd Kata
  • Lochlan: 2nd Kumite, 3rd Kata

  • 2019 National Tournament
  • 7 competitors, 7 medals, 1 National Champion
    • Elisha: 1st Kumite, 3rd Kata
      Kaiya: 2nd Kumite, 3rd Kata
      Amira: 2nd Kata
      Nayra: 3rd Kata
      Tiaja: 2nd Kata
    Sensei Hector with Kaiya celebrating a solid finish

    Kai and Elisha enjoyed hanging out watching everyone else compete
    One of my favorite pictures
    2018 celebration with Sensei Hector

    Belt ceremony at Nalu
    Sensei Edgar from San Jose

    Teasha doing her Kata in 2019

    Nosara Karate Academy normally practices on Tuesdays 3:45pm (smaller kids) and 4:45pm (ages 8+) at Nalu and occasionally some private practices at La Banana. Contact Isis on Facebook or stop by Nalu on Tuesday afternoons to see the Nosara Karate Academy in action.

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