This Week In Nosara #15,Early July; Guiones Surf Photographer Episode, Surf Video Footage Enric at Photography Surf Report

This Week In Nosara #15 is mainly around Nosara’s surf photographers (there are others too we’ll get to), with the video surf footage provided by Enric at Photography Surf Report. I talk about the OG Alfredo Barquero, super consistent Chico who loves surfing, James Foxx, Elizabeth & Tavo from Surfing Nosara, and EQ Ale gets legit barreled 🙂

News is Barriguiones expansion, WCA water results (stay away from Boca!), Biblioteca Kitson & Casa Vida being awesome, big development Become Nosara preview of upcoming Nosara Podcast, Elizabeth Vargas NP episode coming too.

Surf footage from Photography Surf Report

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