NP #169: The Tommy Ten Toes Episode!

I had a great time speaking all things surf, life in Nosara & especially learning Tommy’s journey from Africa, to England, to Australia, then finally Nosara. He’s a pleasure to hang with and I appreciate his candid opinions he shares in this episode.

Here’s the show notes:


1 crowd strategy question

Good short to 1:50

2 surf simply

2:50 Kenya to Cornwall

3:33 first non white person

4 university 2x then fútbol knee injury

5 soccer over now real job

5:30 becomes a surf coach

6 didn’t surf all the time as kid & still progressing

6:30 r rant continued growth in surfing through 50’s

7 T hopes to keep surfing &

7:45 rich rant about baseball to surf, anxiety etc 8:30 throw a ball hard 8:55 Florida & Cornwall joke short

9 what type of coaching?

9:50 to 10’s r rant about people on the wrong board out there to 11am Robbie to 11:15. T responds till 12’s… good short about liters and 11 stones

13 r riding LB Guiones short in Nicaragua

14:20 board holding T back

15 shortboard moving feet & turning from big board to short

16 survival stance good short; r 2 things despise in surfing

17 t says learn to turn

18:20 r asks what about your biz do you want people to know t says high levels & all levels


20 Delilah surfing good; soccer manager bad player good surfer

21 how r found longboards & watched videos

22 Et burn, 22:30 January rain, kids surfing learning respect or do they have bad background?

23 Fl burn

24 race background in surfing into 25’s

good short

26 apartheid and Hawaii

27 favorite waves27:50

28 favorite surfers Jonathan Buxton, jamie

29 best local surfers on different boards LB, fish, Luigi helberth fredo great short

30 local rippers great short

Wave pool & 10 years from now

31 dislikes good short

32 keeps your mind sharp about what you say; social scientists 4 things

33 r rant about scientists good short

33:45 Nicoya reference

34 leaders, organizations

35 t says bubbles should get along prejudice is unnecessary

36 restaurants

37 r says surfers dislike change good short

38 air rant r good short

39 surf culture and aging men and true essence

40 wave pool and surf schools comparison great short

41 crowds GREAT SHORT

41:50 great rich rant surf good for planet

42 israelí palestino comparison wave pool solution

43 WSL contest the best years of Nosara

44 02 to 07 nosara growth epic short! NREG

44/45 Bhodi k j g pelada rant then t says adapt to change

45:30 dynamic hunting 8:15am

46 grass is always greener

46:30 road journey

47:20 r rant don’t yell at them when they arrive

47:45 r rant can’t print money the new people are the solution

50 T’s messsge beach clean up & drive slowly, r adds don’t tailgate too close

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