NP #166: The Nosara Skatepark Episode

This Nosara Podcast episode is a great one! We’re thrilled about the new skate park, plus we learn quality community information. Thanks Thierry & Mike!!!

Nosara Skatepark Episode Notes:

Thierry owns Cafe Paris, since 1995, 28 years here with wife Martín, their son Mael

Mike Lopez, from LA. Pro skateboarder, actor, stuntman

Skatepark started with Mael’s visit to Tamarindo with his friend Jack & only feeling safe at skatepark. He wanted to donate some land he owned in N Guiones to a skatepark which Thierry has wanted for the community anyways. Thierry, Martín & partner decided to donate land & others are contributing monies for construction.

Mike emailed Thierry about skatepark idea. He wanted a skatepark here to use and be a part of. Later in episode he explains opening a skate shop in N Guiones. Mike connected with New Line to build the park.

GoFundMe setup everything flowed well getting project together.

Thierry & Mael do not skateboard.

Volunteers are approaching wanting to teach.

Rich presses Mike to learn what his main reason for moving here and what his concerns and fears about moving to a different country are.

Mike explains surfing caught his full attention.

Rich remembers talking with Thierry about skatepark ideas years ago but a different park emerged for a while… Thierry agrees new park way better than the ideas of years past.

Nicoya Mayor agreed with projec

Marco from ADIN says 1800 in Nosara village 3 years to 16 or 17 years old have no place to go. There’s basketball court but soccer field closed and kids need something to do.

Marco & Martín said don’t put in Guiones… Freddy from Terratour is doing free shuttles for local Tico kids in each village to go to park on the weekend.

The park is free. No entrance & everyone can hang out. Skateboarding, basketball, and climbing wall will be for free.

No food, no drinks, no competition for vendors, just a free good place

Road paved with permits and support from Nicoya & NCA.

Rich says Nosara likes to complain & asks if anyone complaining about things or worried about noise?

Events would just be for community or the 5 villages.

Erik Kurzbard’s skate videos

Rich says open Dr office by skatepark. Thierry says X-ray machine just arrived & Mandala was moved yo new location.

Dr. Alejandro going to support skatepark

26 minutes: Thierry asks ‘Do you get hurt skateboarding?’

Skatepark made with flowing, surfing type of feel fir beginners and intermediates but advanced skaters can have fun, too. Can be fun & safe.

Kona stories from Rich about benefits of pads (knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads)

Thierry points out Nosara only had 1 Tico surfers a couple decades ago… But now Jimena is champion & others are too so why not nosara champion skater in 10 years?

Sophia & George donated to help 5 neighborhoods small skatepark plus free rides on weekends to Guiones skatepark.

Still need donations. Goal is from $1 to $1,000,000 so everyone can feel like owner. Unite the community through participation.

Nosara dislikes
Mike says roads.

Rich talks about the Nosara Gossip Machine and how Nosara isn’t perfect… Thierry was scary man.
Thierry says dust being gone and more pavement in N Guiones & Main Street Guiones and the Calle Modelo project with Harmony Projects.

Thierry says mainly private people and not too expensive. Rich asks if L section can fix their road & Thierry says yes.

Rich makes joke about Nosara & Nicoya getting along

Thierry complains about truck noise especially when they downshift using motor for brakes.

Rich says need speed bumps in front of orgánico, El Locale, and at the old 5 points where Pelada entrances and L section are.

Thierry says 10 or 12 speed bumps on way

3 favorite restaurants
Almendros wings
La Luna bbq chicken pizza
El Chivo Thai food

Harmony Patte?
Luv Burger pizza
Blue Zone

Last words:
Nosara Skatepark GoFundMe & new skate shop about to open

Rich says thanks for speed bumps and Nicoya being nice. Thierry says new mayor very positive and wants to help.

Thierry says everything bad from past is getting solved (internet, roads, phones, restaurants, etc)

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