This Week In Nosara #10: Another Week of Great Waves

This Week In Nosara #10 is yet more super fun surf but this time with heavy winds. This episode includes:

Winds, big surf, Bombero’s saving people on Jetski, excellent surfing, ok surfing, sunsets, beach clean up, traffic, new coffee shop in Pelada, NCA meeting, Biblioteca Kitson patron party, Nosara Podcast Colin Morpho and Tommy Ten Toes, lots of waves from main beach area, sunset at N Guiones, photos from last week with local photographers… Coconut Harry’s, Photography Surf Report, Surfing Nosara, and EQ Surf.

The Kitson Library is dear to my heart & I’m happy to see the Patron party happening and thanks to everyone involved. Local Ticos deserve a chance at jobs and opportunity happening in their community and the Kitson Library for decades now and currently prove to be a fantastic source to help those who deserve it the most… Check them out.

Thanks to Etienne & Kaiya for footage in this episode. Beginning is waves, then we move to news and events then back to waves. Most of surf is at main beach then evening session is from N Guiones.

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