NP #158: Bram Shook’s Nosara Podcast, RE Episode 1; 2012 to 2021 Nosara Real Estate update

Bram was my first contact in 2002, recommended from someone named Harvey, I think. Anyways, I always remembered him and am grateful you can get to know him too in this episode.

Quick synopsis: Bram’s been here 20+ years, has a picture perfect family and seemingly lives about a good a life as anyone possibly can. He admits paradise isn’t perfect, yet Bram seems to have his comfort zone in line. He’s the subject of the very first Nosara Podcast Real Estate episode and I’m grateful to him for this. NP is hopeful other real estate professionals will participate in the future as well.

Here are the notes:

  • Marketplace
  • 2020 quiet for 6 or months hiatus but turned into frenzy
  • Inventory as low as ever; supply & demand situation
  • R asks if realtors creating this situation or is it the marketplace?
  • B answers many people from LA Toronto etc working online and people with means want lifestyle of health and wellness with bilingual kids looking for better lifestyle & great place to enjoy their time
  • R points out used to be surfers and yogis
  • B explains surfers phased into yogis but now beyond that. It’s people with means, and often referrals of friends and family paying cash. It is not a standard marketplace with financing.
  • R remembers 2 economic ups and downs and shares 2003 memories and economic destruction in FL & is confused by Nosara’s #’s seemingly too high. R then asks Bram what does the massive economic adjustment mean to him?
  • B reiterates term frenzy and explains the new Nosara. It’s not affordable to everyone and RE is expensive… Restaurants are expensive too. It is what it is. Not everyone can afford to live everywhere and he can’t afford certain places in US. This is the new Nosara.
  • R says L section owes him thanks for electricity…
  • B says he can just send a bill (excellent and accurate joke)
  • R thanks B for Del Mar Academy. B says others (just a couple are: Jessica, Haley, Inke, Carlos, etc etc all supporters, teachers, etc through the extremely challenging early years)
  • He covers last years listings (ironically I sold them I think. They were huge winners for buyers in retrospect but sellers at time did excellent too)
  • B struggles to predict 2022 and 2023
  • R mentions Pelada reputation. B laughs how long gone and now a construction zone
  • B says Esperanza and the Colony (Finca) or Bosque Verde exist.
  • R says people ask for Guiones or view normally but after living here a while adjust
  • B says all the cool people live in L section (we both live in L section, good joke)
  • B says doesn’t use social media and R laughs jealously

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